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We are going to purchase a Framed Print of Porthos using the online custom framing tool.

The easiest way is to select the print we want from the 'Featured Products' list on the lower right of the image details page:

Porthos the Bulldog Detail Page

This is the easiest way to select a product, but you can also choose to select a product from a complete product list by using the 'Select Product' menu item in one of the 'Buy' menu pulldowns: 

Porthos the Bulldog Buy A

The 'Select Product' menu item of a 'Buy' menu will give you a screen like this one (which may show products which are unavailable for the photograph you are looking at) - selecting from the Featured Products list will only show products that are compatible. For example, selecting 'Select product' in this example gives this dialog:

Select Product Dialog List

For this example, selecting '8x10 Standard Print' from this dialog list or the '8x10 Print' item from the Featured Products list both gives us the next dialog for how we want to treat the 8x10 print (we'll frame it using the online framing tool):

Select Product Print Step 1

We start out with some print options in the dialog that pops up (the same dialog as this will have come up if we chose the '8x10 Print' from the Feature Products list). In this case for a Standard Photo Print, we can choose a standard color print, a metallic or black and white print. The details of these print types appear in the scrolling window on the right in this dialog box. We will choose 'Color' as the option we choose. Different products will have different options at this first step. Do not forget to visit the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

'Add to Cart' now provides us with the optiions for custom online framing...

[Read on about online custom framing options and other choices...]

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