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The Online Custom Framing Tool

There is no requirement to order framing online, as you can always simply purchase a print and arrange framing yourself. Indeed, the online tool for custom framing and matting may seem complex, but it sure can be easier than finding a reputable (and affordable) framing shop, bringing your print to the shop, and going through the process in reality instead of virtually. Using the online framing tool gives a huge cost savings over framing with a brick and mortar frame shop of similar quality. However, obviously, if you prefer to use a local framer, you can simply purchase the print and have them carry out the work.

Why Online Framing other than Cost and Convenience?
If you purchase a Zenfolio Print having it custom framed at Zenfolio gives you piece of mind that your print will not be damaged during the framing process and will certainly save you time as it takes not much longer for Zenfolio to process a framed print in most cases vs. just sending the print itself. Most custom framing shops have long wait times.

Online Custom Framing lets you easily create a nice gift of art.
Perhaps the best advantage to online framing is that you can send a custom framed piece of art as a gift and know what it will look like and not inconvenience the recipient of the gift with the job of finding a local framer and worst of all paying for the framing!

In any case, to continue with the framing and mounting selection... 

We have a large number of options available:

Porthos Zenfolio Edit Framing

Clicking on any of the little 'i' icons gives you detailed information about them. For example, this one explains the backboard mounting option. This is not an archival Fine Art Print, so 

Experiment with the Framing options (they will give you a preview). Here Porthos picked a 

Porthos Zenfolio Edit Mount Popout

Once you select a frame option you see more choices such as matting and glass, and the Zoom vertical bar appears:

Porthos Zenfolio Edit Frame Mat

The 'ZOOM' bar allows you to over mat or leave white space around the image. Here Porthos picked a Beaded Walnut Frame, a black mat, clear (non coated glazing) and nudged the ZOOM bar down a bit to give some whitespace around his image. You may also want to move the image around on the paper by using the mouse to drag the image.

When you are satisfied, you can start the Checkout process with Checkout Now, use the 'Save and Close' in the top right to exit with changes, or in the top left use the 'Change' link to change the image size entirely and refine the process with the new image size.

When you shop for art at the Zenfolio online gallery, before you finalize any purchases, visit the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

FINAL CAVEAT: Not all print sizes at this time have all custom framing options available to them and not all paper types. If a suitable frame is not available, please contact me using the contact form at the Zenfolio art Gallery.

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