Zenfolio Abstract Photo Gallery | How to buy from Artist C Ribet 4

The single image details page (with thumbnail gallery browser) is the most likeliy location from which you will select an image to add to a Favorites Set or which you wish to purchase as a print, canvas print, etc.

The Image details page for a portrait of Porthos:

Porthos the Bulldog Detail Page

If you hover over the 'Buy' button you will find that it is not really a 'Buy' button, but it gives you the option to save the image to the 'SELECTED FOR PURCHASE' Favorites Set as well as purchase options. That Favorites Set is like any other, but with the predefined name, into which all images selected in the manner are placed.

Porthos the Bulldog Buy A

Alternatively, the other 'Buy' button gives the same options:

Porthos the Bulldog Buy B

Thus far we have only been considering images and using the Favorites Sets to organize images we are thinking of purchasing or which we want to share with others before looking at purchasing. The next step is to select a product to associate with the image(s) you would like to consider for purchase. The commencement of this process begins in the simplest way at a page like this for a single image when you  choose 'Select Product' from the 'Buy' pulldown menu or choose a product from the 'Featured Products' list at the bottom right side of the page. Remember as well before you finalize any purchases, visit the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

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