Zenfolio Abstract Photo Gallery | How to buy from Artist C Ribet

GalleryCalifornia.com showcases the artwork of C Ribet with a new focus on open editions - available through a new online art gallery at Zenfolio.com for C Ribet artwork newly available in a wide variety of print products previously inaccessible. This site (GalleryCalifornia.com) is a plain vanilla website with no ecommerce capability - all of that is now done through the Zenfolio gallery. The purchase process take place through Zenfolio, but the presentation is mixed between this - the GalleryCalifornia.com website - and the Zenfolio pages linked to and displayed live and accessible here.

Purchasing from C Ribet (GalleryCalifornia.com) is through the ecommerce engine and printing services of Zenfolio.

The new open edition images can be purchased as:

  • Canvas Prints (stretched canvas ready to hang)
  • Framed Prints (you can select Frame and Matting using an online visualization tool)
  • Art Prints (you can select papers)
  • Acrylic Prints (printed on acrylic and ready to hang with no frame)
  • Metal Prints (printed on metal and ready do hand with no frame)
  • Greeting Cards (blank greeting cards on heavy stock)
  • More (more specialty products which will be made available over time)

When you visit the Zenfolio online gallery, before you finalize any purchases, visit the C Ribet Fine Art Coupon and Promotional Codes page to see if there may be applicable coupons or special discounts on art in your cart (or discounts on your entire order and special offers such as free shipping).

You purchase prints and other artwork and specialty products through the C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery for C Ribet Open Edition Artwork. You can go directly there, or browse pages which are displayed as part of GalleryCalifornia.com itself. I intend to integrate the two sites as much as possible because GalleryCalifornia.com and the Zenfolio gallery complement one another so well. The GalleryCalifornia.com website displays pages of this online C Ribet external gallery inside frames of its own pages so it seems like it is a site within a site at times. Pages linking into the gallery are sprinkled throughout this site. 

C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery Shopping Cart
You can browse at GalleryCalifornia.com and use any of these pages to add products to your Shopping Cart at the C Ribet Zenfolio online gallery. You can edit or remove items from your cart at any time or initiate the checkout process whenver you want. If you have items in your cart already and are browsing elsewhere at either site, your shopping cart will retain all its information.

The order process, product creation, order fulfillment and returns (if any) are handled by Zenfolio.

C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery Favorites
As you browse the C Ribet Zenfolio gallery online, you can also for any image you like click the 'Add to Favorites' link which is directly above large view of the image on  the details page for any image. The partial screen capture below shows it (to the right of the 'Buy' pulldown menu.

Add to Favorites Top Shot

You can multiple sets of Favorites, rearrange items in Favorites sets, and if you have created a Login to the C Ribet Zenfolio gallery come back and manage them at any time in the future. You can share your favorites directly with me (the artist) or anyone else and they can collaboratively edit them live with you while you both view them in your browsers wherever you both may be in the world. Full details on how the Favorites at Zenfolio work are described at the Zenfolio Favorites help page here at GalleryCalifornia.

Read on for more on how the shopping process works at the Zenfolio Gallery...

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