Zenfolio Abstract Photo Gallery | How to buy from Artist C Ribet 3

The most simple opportunity to begin the process of thinking of purchasing an item can start at the details page for any image (you can also purchase from Favorites Sets) or from Gallery thumbnail sets or Collection thumbnail sets.

For example, in the Porthos the Bulldog Gallery where Porthos has his vanity pictures you can click the 'Select Photos' button:

Porthos the Bulldog Gallery

Which then allows you to select any number of photos in the gallery all at one time. You can then click the 'Add To Favorites' button to add them to a default Favorites Set called 'SELECTED FOR PURCHASE" or use the 'Buy' pulldown. Having selected multiiple items you have see new options in the 'Buy' pulldown menu:

Porthos the Bulldog Gallery Checked

From the 'Buy' pulldown menu you can select 'products' for the selected photos OR you can simpliy save them for later in the default Favorites Set 'SELECTED FOR PURCHASE' which is the default name for one of the Favorites Sets you can create, manage and share. These Favorites Sets are sets of images you can collaboratively share with others to review together. They are the precursors, if you will, to actual physical products...

Alternatively, you can skip the 'Select Photos' button and with no photos selected at all that becomes one of the option in the 'Buy' pulldown mentu (which will get you back to selecting photos from within the active gallery):

Porthos the Bulldog Gallery Buy Hover

That is how selection of images / photos works at the gallery level. More than likely you will end up at an image details page.

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